Ink on my hands

2003-2005, ink & mixed media on canvas, wood and paper


A selection of paintings created between 2003 and 2005 in Damascus.


Khaled’s talent transcends his technical ability to paint, draw and use the creative destruction – his fiery mind allows him to communicate with others, making these paintings not only valid within the local frames of heritage, but giving testimony to an universal message that will last over time. – Asaad Arabi, Paris


[Barakeh’s paintings] express a silenced outcry, but are in fact as loud as a weeping scream. – Nazeer Nabaa, Damascus


[Barakeh’s] cocoons are placed in empty vestibules; destined to – stripped of their identity – stay in an empty suspense, eternally waiting and weeping silently in an unknown world and time. – Marwan Kassab Bachi, Berlin




مروان قصاب باشي . . . . . " في أعمال خالد بركة"٠

أسعد عرابي . . . . . "التفسخ الوجودي ومرآة الذات"٠

نذير نبعة . . . . . "المشهد الكارثة"