The Shake

Installation view، MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst - Zollamt, Frankfurt, 2013.


THE SHAKE - Materialising the Distance

2013, mixed media installation


The Shake is an installation inspired by Maurice Harron’s Northern Irish iconic public sculpture ‘Hands across the Divide’ located in the doubly named City of Derry~Londonderry. The public sculpture of Harron takes as its motivation the ongoing conflict between the Catholic and Protestant populations there and is so located on the bridge between the two competing ideologies landmasses.

'Hands Across the Divide' sculpture by Maurice Harron in Carigavon Bridge crossing the River Foyle, Derry~Londonderry, 2013.





Materialised Distance

2013, Ceramic, 23x17x15 cm


‘Materialised Distance’ is a sculpture that sets the negative space between the hands of Maurice Harron’s aforementioned sculpture into a palpable mass. This negative space was captured using a high precision three-dimensional laser camera, then translated into a 3D print, and finally cast into a ceramic form.





Memory Scaffolding

2013, Eleven C-Print 360-degree panoramic photos, Each 104x245 cm


It must not be a coincidence that the images obtained from the 3D camera for the production of the ceramic and glass rendered sculptures ‘Materialised Distance’ also resulted in distorted yet beautiful images themselves. In these laser photographs an entire 360 degree panorama of the statue and its surroundings is captured over time in such a way that anything in movement became deformed while the sculpture, in its stasis remains coherently solid. These 13 processual images from the 3D laser scan are positioned throughout the city in place of billboards and column advertisements.





Memory Management

2013, Videos
 HD 16:9
, Each 01:12 min


Two looping videos face each other inside the space, separated by only a few metres (also can be downloaded as a computer screensaver). Each video has a still image representing one side of the conflict, one part of the city; on the left Derry, on the right Londonderry. Synchronized and hovering over these images in the manner of a screen saver is a 3D animation of Materialised Distance in glass. The transparent object persistently rotates over the background images, obstructing and distorting portions of the still images.




Advertising column outside the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Mian, 2013



2013, Inkjet digital print, 365x437 cm