The Untitled Images

Installation view, ‘New Frankfurt Internationals - Solid Signs’, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany, 2014.


The Untitled Images

2014, C-Digital print, Five photos 21x30 cm each


There are ideas about productive acts of erasure. But perhaps the proper word for the processes of removal here might be excision. These excisions then, also productive, violent, and delicate - even surgical - both leave behind and take away; they are continuums. Between paradoxes of concealment, memory, secrecy, reconciliation and in/visibility they open up a host of concerns, issues and inquiries that may otherwise go unspoken, forgotten or simply never known.


The textures that are left behind in the photographic paper, after the casualties have been carefully and precisely removed, occupy the negative spaces that might also be the ​furls and frays of growing, critical and strategic archive, one that presents by omission exactly what institutions of power and secrecy wish to keep hidden.

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