Installation view, ‘sans papiers - Life is a Journey’, Kurt Kurt, Berlin Germany, 2016.


Transparencies - Ongoing project

2009 to date, Series of newspaper clippings, Several dimensions


Transparencies uses light as a source to illuminate an ongoing series of newspaper clippings beginning and archived since February 2009. This approach to ‘found imagery’, collapses the front and the back of a page into one composition, simultaneously revealing and obscuring the callous juxtaposition of imagery found in news publications. The set of backlit clippings and the simple yet profound chance offerings of their layout bring these mass-produced photographs from the very furthest edge of their public dissemination back to an originally technique of the photographic media and reveal new stories and different perspectives across diverse frames of reference.

Installation view, ‘In Plain Sight’, Using the space windows to illuminate the newspaper clippings, Smack Mellon, NYC, 2014.