● Voodoo - Untitled anonymous monument

Installation view, ‘Rundgang’ exhibition, Städelschule, Frankfurt, 2012.


Voodoo - Untitled anonymous monument

2011، Mixed media installation، 369x266 cm


Leading up to this piece I saw a photo of young Egyptians jumping onto a portrait of Mubarak tearing it down, so that only part left of the light box was Mubarak’s eyes. Around the same time I also saw a video on YouTube of a man in hospital who had his feet cut off for tearing down a statue of Hafez al-Assad. As a result most activists who destroy these monuments completely cover up their faces. This had a quite an affect on me for a while, and ‘Voodoo – Untitled Anonymous Monument’ came out as a response to this.


At the time of making this work I was still extremely guarded with regards my feelings towards the regime in Syria, and as a result the canvas for the light box was left blank showing the fear that prohibited my desire to openly express myself. The observer is neither meant to know who did it or whom it has been done to.