Installation view, ‘Does Europe Exist? v2.0’, ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2017.

The 7th

2017, digital C-print


7 photos of skies taken in 7 different political territories in Syria.


The 7th, as a part of KASHASH exhibition, aspires to break the silence surrounding the topic of liberty in Syria and explores the relationship between man-made structurised ideologies and the ultimate freedom of the blue sky. Using the strong symbolic narrative of the number seven, the artwork aims to question our connection to what’s above.


Just like birds in flight, blue skies are strongly associated to freedom. Sky is a source of almost meditative feeling of safety for us; the stability we are accustomed to in our day and night cycle of life. Since the outbreak of the armed conflict, Syrian skies have faced a considerable change of status. They are no longer a source of stability but rather the new unknown, a source of possible danger.


In spite of all that’s happening on the ground in the name of man-made politics and ideologies, blue skies still remain; still exist in an unchanged form above us. Borders and divisions are in fact just shallow man-made structures, existing physically only on the ground, on our territories – skies, even with the safety factor taken away from them, remain free.