Installation view, 'say my name, say my name. Städel Graduates 2013', MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst - Zollamt, Frankfurt, 2013.

THE SHAKE - Materialising the Distance

2013, mixed media installation


An installation drawn from Maurice Harron’s iconic public sculpture Hands across the Divide, symbolising the division between Catholic and Protestant in the doubly named City of Derry~Londonderry in Northern Ireland.


The Shake reflects on those hands frozen in an unfinished greeting, almost meeting, but never really joining, and – even more importantly – the consistent gap between them. The four-part installation creates a literal bridge between two landmasses, histories and ideologies.

'Hands Across the Divide' sculpture by Maurice Harron in Carigavon Bridge crossing the River Foyle, Derry~Londonderry, 2013.

Materialised Distance

2013, ceramic, 23x17x15 cm


Captured by a high precision three-dimensional laser camera, the unresolvable space and the absence it creates are translated into a 3D print, and then cast into a ceramic form, transforming a negative space into palpable mass.

Memory Scaffolding

2013, digital C-print, 360° panoramic photos, 104x245 cm


11 by-products of the 360 scanning process: peripheral background data pulling the city, the street and the strand into the installation. The stuttered movements of passerbys, fabric blowing in the wind, scaffolding and bricks are laid over the still but distorted sculpture, emerging vortex-like from the central absence between the hands. The monument represents the solid stillness of history and its memory, while the present remains elusive and difficult to capture.

Memory Management

2013, HD videos 16:9, 01:12 min


The gap that is now the join and it floats across and above the city. Glass and digital, it warps and distorts two seperate views of the city with the lazy bounce of an endless screensaver.

Advertising column outside the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, 2013.


2013, inkjet print, 365x437 cm


The division between two co-existing groups could be a part of adaptive behaviour technique, applied to the society of Derry~Londonderry – their hands always almost touch and their backs are always turned against each other. Here, the 3D sculpture was turned into a 2D print, and then placed on another 3D form – advertising column outside of Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt am Main.